Making Los Angeles Great Again

Bland. Mediocre. Vanilla. Dull. Uninspiring. Humdrum. Intermediate. Grey. I think we can all agree that all of these words are synonymous with Jeff Fisher's career, no? The man is a living, breathing 8-8 record. It has even gotten to the point where I get physically frustrated simply when the camera's cut

You Done Messed Up, Aaron

When Jeff Fisher made the decision to name number 1 overall pick Jared Goff the starter for week 11, he became the 19th quarterback to start for the Rams in the last 17 seasons. Faced with a somewhat similar situation, Todd Bowles and the Jets last week also pulled the

My Posse’s on Broadway

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me." We've all heard these words uttered to us at one point or another in an attempt to extenuate another's attempt at verbal abuse. However, in our ever increasingly sensitive society, one has never had to be on guard

Black and Blue

Very seldom do the football gods give us a player as polarizing as Cam Newton. From physical size to raw talent, on and off the field Superman has been one of the most entertaining focal points of the NFL since he broke into the league back in 2011. In just 4 years Cam has been

Fly Pelican, Fly

So... did anyone happen to catch Anthony Davis' stat line on Wednesday? If you missed it, I honestly don't blame you. There isnt exactly a radiating amount of interest when someone says, "Hey, the Pelicans are playing the Nuggets tonight". Not to mention the NBA has some heavy competition this time

When the Last Story Ends

In this grand convoluted journey we call life there are only 3 things guaranteed to us: death, taxes and that there is no bleeping way the Cubs are going to win the World Series. For the far majority of us, this edict has proved to be true for every waking day

The Revenant

For Hugh Glass, revenge isn't a dish, for the payback he seeks consumes him and drives him to push his boundaries, surviving the miserable snowy mountains and harsh winter conditions of the difficult western terrain. Fresh off his Oscar winning film Birdman, Alejandro G Iñárritu returns to direct The Revenant, a

Letting Odell Beckham Jr. Play was the Right Move

Without a doubt, Odell Beckham Jr. embarrassed himself and the New York Giants on Dec. 20 against the Carolina Panthers. But all the commotion and criticism surrounding the way the Giants handled OBJ is unwarranted. Sure, head coach Tom Coughlin could've sat one of the most explosive and lethal weapons in

Spying on Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is another Netflix original that crushes expectations and delivers in an uncanny way a combination of wit, darkness, action and romance. Krysten Ritter exudes her natural sass and sardonic persona as the title character. A heartbroken, emotionally inept young woman with a drinking problem that circumvents her apathetic attitude toward embracing

Theo Epstein’s Plan Takes Shape

In October of 2011 when Theo Epstein took over front office control of the Chicago Cubs he expressed belief that it would take four to five years to get the franchise where they wanted to be.  Turns out, he has a rather excellent sense of timing.  In year four, the