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Making Los Angeles Great Again

Bland. Mediocre. Vanilla. Dull. Uninspiring. Humdrum. Intermediate. Grey. I think we can all agree that all of these words are synonymous with Jeff Fisher's career, no? The man is a living, breathing 8-8 record. It has even gotten to the point where I get physically frustrated simply when the camera's cut

You Done Messed Up, Aaron

When Jeff Fisher made the decision to name number 1 overall pick Jared Goff the starter for week 11, he became the 19th quarterback to start for the Rams in the last 17 seasons. Faced with a somewhat similar situation, Todd Bowles and the Jets last week also pulled the

My Posse’s on Broadway

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me." We've all heard these words uttered to us at one point or another in an attempt to extenuate another's attempt at verbal abuse. However, in our ever increasingly sensitive society, one has never had to be on guard

Black and Blue

Very seldom do the football gods give us a player as polarizing as Cam Newton. From physical size to raw talent, on and off the field Superman has been one of the most entertaining focal points of the NFL since he broke into the league back in 2011. In just 4 years Cam has been

Fly Pelican, Fly

So... did anyone happen to catch Anthony Davis' stat line on Wednesday? If you missed it, I honestly don't blame you. There isnt exactly a radiating amount of interest when someone says, "Hey, the Pelicans are playing the Nuggets tonight". Not to mention the NBA has some heavy competition this time

When the Last Story Ends

In this grand convoluted journey we call life there are only 3 things guaranteed to us: death, taxes and that there is no bleeping way the Cubs are going to win the World Series. For the far majority of us, this edict has proved to be true for every waking day

Buying Carr Insurance

If there’s one offense to keep a close eye on this season it’s… drum role please… The Rrraaiders (Chris Berman Voice). Yeah that’s right, you read that correctly. And for fantasy football players Derek Carr is a BUY this year. Believe it or not, Oakland is in a unique position to do a

Saving You, Money

Usually when Floyd Mayweather announces a fight, the sports world gets excited and eager to see the undefeated champion duke it out in the ring again, but this is time something feels a little off, doesn’t it? On Tuesday, Mayweather revealed his next and potentially last opponent: Andre Berto. Berto is 30-3-0

Foster Care

Who here reading this isn’t going to be glued to Hard Knocks this year? Anyone?...ANYONE?!? I thought so. And to those who said “me” in their heads while reading that please get the hell off my website. Tis the season for football, my friends, and with it comes yet another exciting rendition of

Kill Bills

Call me a disgruntled Jets fan, but something tells me not one inch of my respective sports fanatic self will miss the likes of Rex Ryan in New York. Bon Voyage, Rex. Nice to know ya'! Thanks for all those years of subpar offensive play calling. Have fun coaching in