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Your Guide to the Fantasy Baseball Trade Deadline

Now that the trade deadline has come and gone, the fantasy trade deadline is just a couple of weeks away in many leagues. Now there are those who stopped paying attention or those who have had rough seasons and therefore have lost interest, this doesn't concern them. This is for

New York Mets Arms Set To Fulfill Hype With Awards

When you talk about the New York Mets, the first thing everyone wants to talk about is the pitching. Why not, with all the young power arms in the rotation, they're the main reason the Mets are in the postseason hunt as we've reached the all-star break. All the talk

Oh Jenrry! Mejia Set To Return To Mets Off Suspension

Jenrry Mejia returns to the Mets bullpen Tuesday night with a chance to solidify a bullpen that has been in search of that missing piece. The Mets are hoping that with Mejia's return to go along with the recently returned Bobby Parnell and All-Star hopeful Jeurys Familia, they can have

You down with JPP? Yeah Not Me

New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre Paul injured himself in a fireworks incident over the Fourth of July. Reports are that JPP has lost some flesh on his hand and fingers but that's the worst of it and that the injury isn't career threatening. Well, at least not physically. Don't