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The Enigmatic Los Angeles Dodgers

Despite a 52-40 record and a 3.5 game lead over the San Francisco Giants in the NL West, the Los Angeles Dodgers don't exude the confidence one expects from a pitching staff headlined by Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke. Aside from the dynamic duo at the top of their rotation, the

An Unlikely Power Move for the New York Mets

The New York Mets desperately need offense. Everyone in the world knows this crop of position players are not capable of doing anything in October—if the Mets even make it that far. While New York possesses one of the best pitching staffs in baseball, the offense is an anemic accoutrement full

Potential NBA Dark Horses

With free agency wrapping itself up, there are a few potential NBA dark horses who could surprise everyone and sneak into the playoffs. The combination of intelligent signings and crafty maneuvers on draft night have these teams positioned to take their production to a new level from their 2014-15 woes. Sacramento

Predicting the MLB Trade Deadline

Predicting the MLB Trade Deadline isn't an easy task, but gauging a fair idea of who may be headed where is definitely possible. This year, there should be an influx of starting pitchers available with numerous teams possessing holes to fill. The Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles and

Resurrecting the New York Mets

There's a good chance the New York Mets' season dies after this west coast trip. The Mets play three games against the Los Angeles Dodgers and three versus the San Francisco Giants. If the team had a soul and desired to rectify the sins of their incompetence, they'd at least go 3-3. But everyone

Reloading the Los Angeles Lakers

Most NBA teams struggle to rebuild after a decade of prominence but that is rarely the case when it comes to reloading the Los Angeles Lakers. After a couple of losing seasons delivered two talented pieces—Julius Randle and D'Angelo Russell—the Lakers have a chance to round out the roster this offseason

Grading the 2015 NBA Draft

Grading the 2015 NBA Draft is a fun way to look back on things, seeing who did well and who made the biggest blunders of the offseason. Some teams caught major breaks with the way the draft shook out, like the Miami Heat and Washington Wizards. Others completely botched things as

Anticipating the 2015 NBA Draft

Years from now one may look back at this potentially being the "Kentucky Draft." Some of the best prospects in the 2015 NBA Draft hail from the University of Kentucky. Karl-Anthony Towns is expected to go No. 1 overall with Willie Cauley-Stein and Trey Lyles not too far behind. But there