The Ben Simmons Debate

By now, if you watch college basketball, you've heard of LSU's superstar freshman, Ben Simmons. The 6'10" 225-pound 19 year old has an unfathomable skill set and combination of agility, dexterity and strength for a person his age and size. He handles the ball like a point guard, but dominates the post

Peripherals Be Damned

This isn't meant to disparage or discredit anyone, but rather provide a topic of discussion before baseball's hot stove really gets ignited. Jake Arrieta was awarded the 2015 NL Cy Young Award with Clayton Kershaw finishing third in the voting. Arrieta had a tremendous season and put together one of the


Oh, you thought I was finished? Come on. I couldn’t deprive anyone by not addressing the big hot button issue amongst of the best part of Knicks season. Coach Derek Fisher and his… Questionable rotations. Because Knicks fans will not shut up about it on any online forum you can find.

Same Old Knicks?

It’s been a little bit slow here on G42 Sports. I take it that everyone is still a little depressed over the Mets World Series loss… But no worries! Because in case you haven't noticed yet, OG Dizza is not a baseball fan. Time to lift the spirits up a

Fishing for Competent Coaching

The NY Knicks have their most talented roster in the Phil Jackson era, but head coach Derek Fisher has single handedly prevented the franchise from possessing a winning record with his questionable rotations and poor game-management in fourth quarters. NY isn’t built like the 1996 Chicago Bulls, but the franchise is

MLB’s Takeout Problem

Depending on who you ask, takeout slides will elicit two responses: hard-nosed play, bush-league. Chase Utley made headlines with his late slide into second base during Game 2 of the NLDS against the New York Mets. His actions broke up what could have been an inning-ending double play—tying the game at

NHL Preseason Power Rankings

With the heat of free agency past us and the new season looming, we now have a pretty solid idea of where teams stand in terms of talent for the upcoming 2015-2016 season. Here's how they rank: 30. Arizona Coyotes A terrible past few seasons followed by getting kicked out of their own

Peyton Manning’s Mile High Descent

No one can dispute the fact that Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, but, the once immortal general looks more human with each passing week. Manning surpassed the 70,000 passing yards mark, placing him second all-time behind Brett Favre (71,838). The two men are the only